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Allianz Hungária Insurance Co.

  • Formulation of the insurance company's mid-term IT Strategy

Hungária Insurance Computer Co.

  • Formulation of the Allianz Group's mid-term IT Servicing Strategy

AXA Voluntary Health Fund

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2006 based IT Security consulting tasks

Student Loan Association

  • System Specification & Selection Project
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2006 based IT Security consulting tasks

K&H Insurance Co.

  • IBM MQ Series based software development project. BOMA & MQSI communications module development

MKB  Insurance Co.

  • IBM MQ Series based software development project. BOMA & MQSI communications module development
  • ELOprofessional document management system implementation

Groupama Garancia Insurance Co.

  • Review of the Company's form management model with the goal of rationalising form usage and cost reduction

OTP Garancia  Insurance Co.

  • IBM MQ Series based software development project. BOMA & MQSI communications module development
  • Application development manual formulation, Change Management, and supporting infrastructure (MS Project Server) implementation.
  • Back-office system review (efficiency, functionality, compliance)
  • IT development Strategy formulation (2007-2010)
  • SLA formulation
  • Project management methodology selection and implementation (GDPM)
  • BCP & DRP formulation and implementation



Forever Living Hungary

  • Information Security Policy
  • Business Continuity Planning

Budapest Waterworks Co.

  • ELOprofessional document management system implementation

Public Limited Company for Radioactive Waste Management

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2006 based IT Security consulting tasks
  • IT Strategy formulation
  • Corporate system specification
  • PGP Full Disk Encryption implementation
  • Support in strategy implementation

Accor - Pannónia Hotels

  • Review & formulation of IT Security Policies


  • Prepared a number of studies during e-Public Administration planning
  • Support in developing e-Government system
  • Project Management implementation, manual preparation, and training
  • SOA based architecture concept
  • Shadow project management

AES Tisza Power Plant Company

  • BCP & DRP planning and implementation
  • ELOprofessional document management system implementation

Budapest Transport Company

  • e-Ticketing Feasibility Study
  • Contract management system requirements specification
  • DBR M4 IT requirements assessment and relevant planning

Fishing Company for Lake Balaton

  • Operations and organisational review, BPR. Cost reduction project preparation. ERP requirements specification, selection criteria identification.

Institute for Transport Sciences Non-Profit Co.

  • Business Process Re-engineering project, ERP requirements specification development.


  • Process Engineering (to increase Customer Satisfaction)
  • Feasibility Studies (code development, IT systems availability, data security)
  • Strategic, planning, and organisational consulting

Nav N Go

  • Performed ISO/IEC 27001:2006 Standard based audit of the Licence Server providing customers with individual software licences

GTS Datanet

  • Feasibility & decision support tasks

Hungarian Telecom (MATÁV)

  • Local Government portfolio development and recommendations

Transelectro Group

  • Hardware & software procurement policy development
  • IT Strategy development for group
  • IT modernisation, project management support



National Development Agency (NFÜ)

  • Continuity Planning (EMIR)
  • Project Management support for document management system implementation

National Council of Justice (OITH)

  • Feasibility Study Development for two subsystems (Civil Organisation Registration, Company Liquidation) preparation for EKOP 1.1.5 funding. Development of a Logical System Plan and Project planning.

Lake Balaton Development Council

  • Environmental funding preparation, e-Balaton, e-Environment IT system development.

Public Procurement Council

  • IT Strategy Development
  • System Requirements Specification
  • Project Management & Quality Assurance services

Hungarian Investment & Trade Development Agency (ITDH)

  • Shadow Project Management services in CRM implementation project
  • Quality Assurance during CRM implementation

Ministry for Information Sciences and Communications (IHM)

  • IT Assessment of the Local Governments
  • IT Society initial study
  • Development of the e-Local Government section of the IT Society Strategy
  • Complex funding framework development (GVOP 4.3.1 and 4.3.2)
  • Project Management methodology for Local Government IT projects
  • Internal IT Strategy
  • Shadow Project Management during Government Network (KÖZHÁLÓ) project

Prime Minister's Office - National Development Plan Office

  • Shadow Project Management support of the first National Development Plan.

Parlament's Office

  • Document Management System requirements specification
  • e-Futár, (Electronic Courier) concept,requirement specification, QA
  • Requirement specification for Hungarian Parlament website
  • Recommendations for further development of the Statute passing supporting system
  • Support of the Electronic Entry System project, including Quality Assurance

Parlament Library

  • 'Ask a Librarian' Project - concept development
  • Concept development for Parlament Library's press database digitising project

National Pension Office (ONYF)

  • DRP planning



Budapest 7th District Local Government

  • ISO quality management system support project, based on ELOprofessional document management system
  • IBM ISS Proventia implementation
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • ISO/IES 27001:2006 based IT audit
  • Development of IT security policies
  • Project Management Services for Document Management System implementation project
  • IT Strategy formulation

Budapest 11th District Local Government

  • GVOP 4.3.1 and GVOP 4.3.2 funding preparation, including Requirements Specification, Project Management, and Quality Assurance

Sárbogárd Major's Office

  • Project Management Services for Document Management System implementation project

Pécs Local Government

  • South Trans-Danubian Digital Region Strategic Program development, Project Management and Quality Assurance support of the Program.

Association of Cities of County Rank (MJVSZ)

  • Unified e-Government feasibility plan development

Székesfehérvár Local Government

  • Shadow Project Management services during IT Strategy development
  • Development of funding documentation of he European Funding Preparation

National Association of Local Governments (TÖOSZ)

  • Evaluation methodology for aplication software developed for Local Governments
  • IT Cooperation Opportunities in the Small Regions - Study
  • GIS application in Local Governments - Study



Autonomous Province of Vojvodina (Serbia)


  • Project Management and professional services for e-Government Strategy

National Council of the Hungarian Ethnic Minority (Serbia)

  • Document Management System Implementation


Zenta, Ada, Kishegyes Local Governments (Serbia)

  • IT Strategy development
  • Project Management & Quality Assurance services

Resen City Local Government (Macedon Republic)

  • e-Government IT strategy development, project management services