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Strategy Consulting
  • A number of our Clients - both in the Public and Private Sectors - recognise the need to formulate strategies to plan future actions, programs. HRK Consulting's professionals support their Clients in formulating a professionally sound strategies.

Project Management

  • A HRK Consulting offers a number of a project management related services such as "shadow" project management, project quality assurance and client side project management.

IT Security

  • Today establishing and maintaining a secure IT environment is no longer an issue that is limited to Financial  Services and other important institutions. Depending on out Clients' requirements we provide Disaster and Recovery Planning Services, IT Audit Services and Business Continuity Services.

IT Management

  • IT related expenses constitute an increasing portion of corporate budgets. Therefore managing IT assets and resources is paramount. HRK Consulting is capable of contributing to making IT more efficient through IT organisation reviews, formulating Service Level Agreements, preparation of relevant Rules and Procedures and by improving IT organisational processes.

Financial and EU Tender Consulting

  • An increasing number of companies are looking at ways of extending capabilities. Extensive funding and grants are available to support these efforts. HRK Consulting's professionals can assist you in finding the required funding and in performing relevant tasks.